Radha Mohan 30th May 2024 Written Update Episode

Today’s Radha Mohan Episode: A Night of Lies and Suspicions

Radha Mohan 30th May 2024 Written Update

Shruti invites Anuj to return home with her.

Anuj inquires Anu about accompanying them.

Anu states she needs time due to work commitments.

Yashdeep converses with Anu, eliciting a smile from her.

Anuj feels dejected witnessing Anu’s happiness with Yashdeep.

Dimpy reveals Titu’s gift, prompting Kavya’s blessing.

Dimpy remarks on Titu’s extravagant spending, countered by Kavya’s admiration.

Pakhi enters, casting doubt on the permanence of love post-marriage.

Pakhi cites examples of relationship changes, leading to Kavya’s rebuke.

Kavya advises Pakhi to adopt a positive outlook before closing the door on her.

Toshu recalls Anu’s offer for a waiter position, expressing frustration.

Kinjal consoles Toshu, urging him to consider the positive aspects of the job.

Anuj ponders Yashdeep’s intentions towards Anu and her response.

Aadhya inquires about Spice and Chutney’s reopening, receiving reassurance from Shruti.

Anuj’s anger prompts him to crush medication before realizing his overreaction.

Toshu reveals Anu’s job offer to Vanraj, sparking anger from Pakhi and Leela.

Bappu ji defends Anu’s decision, emphasizing its positive intent.

Kavya stands by Anu, questioning Vanraj’s lack of support.

Pakhi argues for Toshu’s managerial worthiness, countered by Bappu ji’s plea for restraint.

Anu rejects Yashdeep’s proposal, opting for friendship.

An emotional Anu reminisces about her past with Anuj after receiving his missed call.

Anuj explains the accidental calls, leaving Anu pondering.


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